Dreamcatcher Great Danes have YEARS of experience in judging pedigrees, and genetics to produce the happiest, healthy family-friendly puppies possible.

Our females enjoy spacious, green runs with houses that are amply large enough for two dogs to stand and turn around in when they are in-between litters. We never kennel our dogs on concrete or wire. They are always kept in pairs sometimes trios for mental health and exercise.

We breed only mentally sound, healthy females that have been handled from birth so they are accustomed to us being right there in the birthing suites with them when it is their turn.

Our females have large heated/cooled private suites for birthing. We monitor 24/7 and provide hourly supplemental feedings of fresh milk for large litters so mom is not to overdrawn affecting her own health.

Our wonderful veterinarian comes right to our ranch as needed to check on mothers and do the puppies first health checkups. This is much less stressful for the females than hauling them and their precious babes away from the comfort of their own private rooms.

We are always learning more safe, natural, and effective ways to produce our very best and pass it along to you in the form of cuddly, healthy, happy puppies.